Saturn Mountain Fund

Overview: Saturn Mountain, LLC is a 506(c) investment fund, which seeks capital growth through strict adherence to algorithmic investment strategies. Fund shares may be purchased by people or entities who meet the definition of a Qualified Client. Financial reports, and share subscriptions and redemptions, are processed on a monthly basis by the fund administrator. General questions may be directed to Saturn Logic Financial Group.

Strategy: The fund manager employs a collection of algorithmic investment strategies to achieve capital appreciation under differing market conditions. Potential market types are defined using a mathematical model of the bull and bear equity index cycles. Each strategy is submitted to various evaluations within our proprietary market simulation and analysis software before initial consideration, reduced scale testing, or acceptance within the set of combined strategies.

Process: Strict risk management protocols are key to providing low correlated returns to the overall market. Algorithmic strategies are deterministic in their trading parameters, including selection of instrument, price, and quantity. This enables our policy of removing human judgment from the order and trade implementations.

Diversification: Selected instruments are typically composed of Exchange Traded Funds, including broad equity, debt, and treasury indexes. The combined algorithmic strategies provide investors with an alternative investment vehicle to potentially enhance tax and portfolio diversification.